The following guests have appeared on The Polarizer Podcast. Click on the names to see an overview of episodes they appeared in.

4D Guitars

A group of Australian guitar-builders, or in their own words, drinkers with a guitar-building problem. Some of the coolest, most hilarious guys I’ve ever run into.

AAA Fresh

Three painters from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, representing the AAA Fresh 123 studio, while living a rock-star lifestyle.

Aad Bak

Successful businessman and author. Traveled all around the world. Spent time in jail in 6 different countries. Needless to say, he has some good stories to share.

Amerildo de Krijger

Entrepreneur in the music industry and rapper. Vice-president of management company Big Boss Music, head of music publishing company AT productions, vice-president of label Nouveau Riche Music, representing several Grammy-award winning artists.

B. Jeffrey Madoff

B. Jeffrey Madoff is the author of the book “Creative Careers” and the founder and CEO of award-winning video production company Madoff Productions. He is also a director, photographer, writer, and professor in New York City.

Big Jim Brown

Professional touring musician for over 10 years. Played every State in the USA.

Francis Aaron

Francis Aaron is a rapper from the UK who tackles relevant, controversial social and cultural topics with philosophy, sociology, and psychology.

Guido Lange

Nuclear physicist specialized in nuclear fusion


New Zealand Army veteran, diving instructor in Thailand, world traveler and adventurer, and the very first guest on The Polarizer Podcast.

Dinosaur Dave

Walking heavy rock music encyclopedia and head dino at

Dub FX

Australian musician and worldwide street performer.

Francis Aaron

Rapper from the UK who tackles relevant, controversial social and cultural topics with philosophy, sociology, and psychology.

Hans Kleinjan

The Mr. Miyagi/Originator of the AAA Fresh painter crew.

Kai Versnel

Member of the Dutch Marine Force.

Kyle Meyr

Professional photographer from Oslo, Norway.

Maikel Kleinjan

Painter from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Member of the AAA Fresh painter crew.


US-based musician & backpacker.

Margarita de Quesada

Margarita de Quesada is a native Cuban who fled her country from communism with her now-late husband Armando in November 1963.

Marnix Lange

Master chef, vagabond, and esoteric traveler. Traveled around the world and ventured deep into the psychedelic realm of ayahuasca.

Mickey Fentross

Entrepreneur from Rotterdam, The Netherlands who has lived in the Caribbean for a year.

Nick van Meurs

Photographer and backpacker who has traveled all around Australia and worked on farms and in a mine in the Australian Outback.

Octavius Wright

Rasta Octavius Wright’s mission is to inspire, enlighten, uplift, and spread positive vibes.


A good friend from the United Kingdom who backpacked his way around Australia while working on farms in the Australian Outback.

Roderik Faasen

Painter and poet from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. One of the most interesting people in the world. Member of the AAA Fresh painter crew.

Ryan Bailey

American backpacker.

Thomas Slotboom

Thomas Slotboom is an entrepreneur who redefines the application process using video with a spectacular success rate.


Zuby is a rapper, podcast host, fitness coach, Oxford graduate, free thinker, and online entrepreneur.