In a nutshell

Diederik’s Beach Bar is a long-form conversational podcast hosted by Diederik with friends and guests that have included entrepreneurs, rock stars, rappers, artists, scientists, writers, world travelers, photographers, and other esoteric life-explorers.


  • January 2016

    The adventure begins

    Diederik quits his corporate job at 29 years old, sells most of his belongings, and sets off with a backpack, a camera, and a one-way ticket to South Korea. This is the jump-off point of an 18-month-long vagabond adventure that takes place in Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the United States.

  • September 2016

    The Polarizer Podcast

    While moving from hostel to hostel and working various bartending and manual labor jobs, Diederik meets many people with interesting stories to tell. Eventually, he buys a portable recorder to capture these conversations, and The Polarizer Podcast is born.

  • July 2017

    Returning home

    After returning back to The Netherlands, the show continues, both in-person and remote.

  • September 2020

    Dinosaur Rock Guitar

    An exciting collaboration begins with Dinosaur Rock GuitarPodcast episodes with “DRG” in the title are deep dives into the music and lives of legendary rock guitar players.

  • January 2021

    Diederik’s Beach Bar

    The name of the show is changed to Diederik’s Beach Bar, suiting the format better.


Diederik was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1986. He studied Psychology before switching to Business Administration and graduating with a BA at Rotterdam University. The academic experience included one semester as an exchange student at the University of West Florida (USA). Diederik currently works as an IT engineer and regularly takes on freelance work as a photographer. He has written articles and taken interviews that have been published in a widely distributed photography magazine and developed an iPhone app for people with food allergies. Hobbies include playing the guitar, writing, martial arts, and this podcast. He currently lives with his wife, son, and dog in Rotterdam.

Technical details

  • Average show length: 90-120 minutes.
  • 80% of the audience is located in The United States of America, Australia, and the UK.
  • 90% of listeners listen through mobile podcast apps.
  • Available for free on all major platforms.