#39 Jimmy Page – part 1 | Dinosaur rock guitar alchemy

This is a deep dive into the Dinosaur Rock Guitar Alchemy Profile of Jimmy Page, best known for being the guitar player in the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin.

Famous for being the mastermind and guitarist in the definitive and most successful heavy guitar band in history: Led Zeppelin. His 1958 sunburst Les Paul, and the Gibson Doubleneck. His violin bow, Echoplex, and theramin adventures. Infamous for: on-tour debauchery of mythical proportions.

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The podcast




00:00:00 – Early years, The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, session work
00:32:20 – Peter Grant
00:37:16 – The beginning of Led Zeppelin and the record deal
00:58:53 – First gig, first album, new recording techniques
01:10:12 – The golden template for rock bands
01:20:29 – Influences and “borrowing” from other artists
01:30:50 – Guitar technique and songwriting
01:43:13 – Production innovation and techniques
01:52:42 – Acoustic guitar work & other (string) instruments
02:03:33 – Lead playing
02:14:11 – Mystique & influence
02:41:25 – Weaknesses, drug abuse, violence, groupies, and general mayhem
03:24:34 – Guitars, amps, and gear
03:43:48 – Songwriting, innovation, guitar technique & legacy

Links & mentions

Jimmy Page: The Definitive Biography

Jimmy Page: The Anthology

Seventeen Watts, the first 20 years of British Rock Guitar, the musicians, and their stories

I’m with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie

Recording details

Recorded using the RODE RodeCaster Pro and Rode ProCaster microphone in October 2021. Rotterdam, The Netherlands & New York, NY.

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