#36 – DINOSAUR ROCK GUITAR ALCHEMY – Ritchie Blackmore

This is a deep dive into the Dinosaur Rock Guitar Alchemy Profile of Ritchie Blackmore, best known for being the guitar player in legendary rock bands Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Ritchie Blackmore is, along with Tony Iommi, and Jimmy Page, one of the founding fathers of Heavy Metal, and THE founding father of the Neo-Classical guitar school. Ritchie has also discovered some of the best rock singers on the planet including: Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio, along with somewhat less-legendary rock mainstays Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnett.

Read the full Guitar Alchemy Profile here on dinosaurrockguitar.com.

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The podcast




00:00:00 – Guitar Alchemy episodes intro
00:05:30 – Early days, and style
00:18:07 – Clips: Speed king, Into the fire, Strange kinda woman, Highway star, Smoke on the water, Space Truckin’, Woman from Tokyo, Burn, Lay down/stay down, Man on the silver mountain, Stargazer, Long live rock ‘n roll, Lady of the lake, Sensitive to light, Kill the king, All night long
00:26:30 – Hard to work with, CalJam 1974 incident
00:35:35 – Strengths, playing style, technique, and chops
00:56:40 – Weaknesses
01:05:40 – Guitars, amps, effects, tone
01:25:40 – Playing style, technique
01:37:40 – Deep Purple
01:51:04 – Rainbow
01:57:10 – Deep Purple Mk. 2 reunion & conclusion

Recording details

Recorded using the RODE RodeCaster Pro and Rode ProCaster microphone on 7 feb 2021. Rotterdam, The Netherlands & New York, NY.

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