Podcast #30 – DINOSAUR ROCK GUITAR – Legendary guitar slingers

Dinosaurrockguitar.com contains elaborate profiles on legendary guitar slingers that defined genres. It is an absolute goldmine of rock information and trivia. The creator, “Dinosaur” Dave, will join the podcast today.

This podcast covers a wide array of rock-related topics, guitar players, and bands. Toward the end of the interview, an elaborate number of album recommendations is covered.

The show


00:05:20 – The beginning & the alchemy profiles
00:20:28 – Dinosaur classes
00:30:30 – Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Tommy Iommi, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith
00:31:10 – Jeff Beck
00:39:40 – Gary Moore, Steve Lukather, Joe Perry, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani
00:42:14 – Eddie Van Halen, Michael Schenker, Jazz vs Blues-based guitar players.
00:44:56 – Allan Holdsworth, John Coltrane, Uli Roth, Gary Moore
00:48:00 – Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Richie Blackmore, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker
00:50:43 – Led Zeppelin
00:55:11 – Whole lotta love, Over the hills & far away
00:58:00 – Rock reaction videos on YouTube, the decline of music
01:01:26 – Freddy Mercury, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Thin Lizzy, Black Dog
01:03:28 – Techno, Disco, Funk, Dancefloor music & Music music, Handcrafted & Produced
01:06:00 – Dinosaur Rock Guitar, Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore, Glenn Hughes, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson
01:09:40 – The definition of Dinosaur Rock Guitar
01:11:05 – John Frusciante, The Blue Van, The Doors
01:14:55 – Strong debut albums
01:17:34 – George Harrison, Kirk Hammett, David Gilmour, Keith Richards, Steve Howe, Steve Lukather
01:22:19 – Jazz vs Blues-based guitar players
01:23:19 – Ten Years After, Alvin Lee, Deep Purple, Slash, John Mayer, Keith Richards, Crosseyed Heart
01:28:35 – Eric Clapton, Derek Sherinian, God of War
01:35:55 – Guitars & Amps
01:48:50 – Recommended albums
02:03:25 – Dinosaur rock guitar

Recommended albums

  • Accept –  Breaker, Russian Roulette, Objection overruled, Blood of the Nations, Stalingrad, The rise of chaos
  • Aerosmith – Aerosmith, get your wings, toys in the attic, rocks, get a grip, pump,
  • Alcatrazz – No parole for rock n roll
  • Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath, Born again, Master of Reality, Vol 4, Paranoid, Sabbath bloody sabbath, Sabotage, Reunion, Heaven and Hell
  • Blue Murder – First 2 albums
  • Bruce Dickinson – Balls to Picasso, Accident at birth, Chemical wedding
  • Cream – Fresh Cream, Wheels of fire, Goodbye, Cream live vol. 2
  • Deep Purple – Machine head, In Rock, Fireball, Made in Japan, Burn, Stormbringer, come taste the band
  • Dio – Holy diver, Last in line
  • Dokken – Tooth & nail, Under lock & key
  • Gary Moore – Corridors of power, Victims of the future, We want Moore
  • Hendrix – Are you experienced, Axis: bold as love, Electric ladyland
  • Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden, Killers, The number of the Beast, Piece of mind, Powerslave, Somewhere in time
  • Judas Priest – British steel, Screaming for vengeance,
  • Led Zeppelin – All albums, obviously, but especially II and IV
  • Loudness – Thunder in the east
  • Michael Schenker Group – The Michael Schenker Group, MSG, Assault attack
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a Madman,  Tribute, No More Tears, Bark at the moon, Osmosis
  • Queen – Queen, Queen 2, Sheer heart attack
  • Queensrÿche – The warning, Rage for order, Operation: Mindcrime, Empire
  • Rainbow – Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Rising, Long Live Rock n Roll
  • Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs, Twice Removed from Yesterday, For Earth Below, Live, Essential Robin Trower
  • Rush – Rush, Fly by night, Caress of steel, 2112, A farewell to kings, Hemispheres, Permanent waves, Moving pictures, Grace under pressure, Power windows, Hold your fire, Counterparts
  • Scorpions – Fly to the rainbow, In trance, Love at first sting
  • The who – Everything
  • Thin Lizzy – Fighting, Jailbreak, Johnny the Fox, Bad reputation, Black rose, Chinatown, Renegade, Thunder and lightning
  • UFO – Force it, No heavy petting, Lights out, Obsession, No place to run, Strangers in the night
  • Whitesnake – Good to be bad,  Forevermore
  • Y&T – Earthshaker, Black tiger, Mean streak, In rock we trust
  • Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising force
  • ZZ Top – Tres Hombres, Fandango, Deguallego, El Loco, Eliminator

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Recording details

Recorded on August 14 2020, in New York, NY and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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