#28 – Backpacking Thailand and Bali

This podcast is about two dudes on a backpacking adventure in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia.

Mandeville is a good friend based in the US. In this episode we talk about our backpacking adventures in South East Asia. The trip was made back in 2017 (before the world went nuts) and we had a fantastic experience.

The adventure starts in Bangkok, where we take a luxurious night train to Chang Mai. We leave Chang Mai with an old beat up train all the way to Champhon where we take a boat to Koh Phangan. From there, we hit up incredible Khao Sok and eventually Krabi. The last stretch of the adventure is spent on Bali.

A good insight into what you can expect on a backpacking adventure in South East Asia.


00:07:30 – Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand
00:14:20 – Music talk / Rock Pub Bangkok, Thailand
00:29:00 – MBK center, mega shopping mall
00:43:40 – Tailor made suits
00:54:44 – Chatuchak Weekend Market
01:05:45 – Chiang Mai night train
01:21:45 – Dutch farm / Sippo Hot Springs
01:27:00 – Thai boxing/martial arts talk
01:48:30 – Boy Blues Bar in Chiang Mai
01:59:00 – Sleeper train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok
02:03:55 – Koh Pangnan / Full Moon Party
02:20:20 – Khao Sok
02:36:40 – Bali
02:43:30 – Luwak coffee
02:49:35 – Parting advice




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Chang Mai

Koh Kangnan

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Recorded on June 27 2020; in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Asheville, North Carolina, USA