#24 – Kyle Meyr: Professional adventure photographer

Kyle Meyr is a professional photographer and a Sony Ambassador from Norway.

Self-taught and adventurous, Kyle began his professional life as a journalist. With the addition of a camera in his toolbox, the itch and drive to venture further and shoot more, quickly became an addiction. Starting in the ski industry, Kyle worked his way deeper into the adventure, action and commercial photo scene as time went on.

He currently works out of Oslo, Norway, but you’ll find him hunting far and wide for the best action and adventure mother nature has to offer.

I hope you enjoy this last episode of the 2010s. It’s been a fun ride. Thank you all for listening.

The Show


00:05:00 – Going pro as a photographer
00:25:00 – New Zealand
00:34:20 – Norwegian outdoors life
00:43:40 – Ambassadorship
00:49:37 – Gear talk & shooting techniques
01:39:00 – Car talk
01:51:20 – Plans for the future

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Some of Kyle’s photos

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Mentioned clips


Mentioned cars

We talked about the following cars in this episode (These are not Kyle’s photos).

Porsche GT3 RS
2008 Honda Element
2020 Honda Element
Suzuki Jimny
Mercedes G-wagon
Land Rover Defender

Recording details

Recorded on December 21, 2019; in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Oslo, Norway. Recorded on the big setup hooked up to a Skype call.