Podcast #21: European road-trip by van

Marnix returns to the podcast to talk about his European road-trip in a campervan.

Previous episodes with Marnix

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About this episode

Marnix bought an old van, as you’ve might have heard in episode #11.

He started in The Netherlands, and drove through Belgium, the French countryside, and across the Spanish coast.

The show


00:05:20 – Outside life & good food
00:14:55 – Hitting the road with a van
00:17:20 – Armchair philosophy
00:26:10 – Hitting the road
00:31:50 – Living on a organic camping
00:49:40 – Breakdowns & cops
01:20:20 – Hippie mechanic
01:33:00 – An unusual European road-trip
01:47:40 – Long-term goals & food painting

Recommended reading

Rolf Potts – Vagabonding

Notes & links

Landgoed Ottermeer – nature reserve/campgrounds
Wwoof – Work in exchange for boarding on organic farms
Park4Night – Community-sourced spots to park your van or camper overnight

Marnix’s theater group links

Ambulans theatre Facebook page
Plovdiv 2019

Recording details

Recorded on October 13, 2018; in the Ottermeerhoeve, The Netherlands.

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