Podcast #2 – Talking (a lot of) shit with real Aussies

There’s few people in the world who can talk shit quite like the Aussies do. This episode is a celebration of Aussie slang and cursing.

About this episode
Welcome to the second episode.

This one’s gonna be way different than the first one. During my time in Australia I’ve made many friends. If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, there’s few people in the world who can talk shit quite like the Aussies do.

I’ve met the guys you’ll be hearing on this episode while I was working in a bar in Perth, Australia. Bob’s Bar, to be exact. We started talking about the craft beers we had on tap. Eventually the conversation went to guitars, and this was the one thing we had in common that made us all good friends.

It turns out these guys build their own guitars, and they’ve created a whole lifestyle around it with a bar, BBQ, pizza oven, and a Jacuzzi.

This episode was tough to edit, as I had well over 6 hours of material to work with. We were basically having a Friday night of having a couple of drinks and a barbecue, only with a mic present. We ended up talking about many different things. The night started with talks about technology and the future, and it went downhill quickly from there. I was crying of laughter more than once. These guys are a riot, and I miss hanging out with them on a regular basis.

Fair warning, this episode contains an excessive amount of bad language. If you’re a sensitive soul, skip this one. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

The show

00:02:00 – Popeye
00:06:45 – Wocca
00:08:40 – And so it begins
00:12:17 – The 4D bar explained
00:16:00 – Munch Arrives
00:18:00 – Munch’s joke
00:25:20 – Talking about wild party nights
00:26:51 – Confusion about a stick that looks like a gecko
00:31:04 – That one friend
00:34:53 – The haystack
00:39:15 – Halfway-space
00:40:50 – Chippo
00:44:26 – High-end spirits
00:51:20 – The home-wrecker
00:58:16 – Joke time again
01:01:10 – Man down
01:06:25 – Real Australian slang
01:15:15 – We’re very Catholic
01:20:53 – Beer is good
01:24:38 – The yeti is down
01:30:00 – The first worn-out beer opener I ever saw
01:31:20 – It’s about time we did some stuff to him
01:37:20 – The duck
01:43:00 – Flat-earthers
01:45:00 – Talkin’ music
01:49:05 – The yeti is back
01:52:30 – The dog humps the passed out yeti

Recording details
Recorded on Febuary 17, 2017; in the 4D Guitars bar/BBQ/pizza oven area in Perth, WA, Australia.

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