Podcast #17 – Taiwan/China tensions, the surveillance state, and the future

Tomas is an expert on Chinese-Taiwanese relationships from The Netherlands. He has lived in Taiwan for over three years and speaks fluent Chinese.

The Polarizer Podcast #017: Taiwan-China tensions, the surveillance state, and the future

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The show

00:06:10 – Asia Pacific studies
00:08:00 – An announcement for our respected Taiwanese listeners
00:12:20 – Peoplekind
00:19:15 – The Chinese surveillance state
00:22:50 – The beef between Taiwan and China explained
00:29:30 – The Taiwanese identity & current tensions with mainland China
00:50:25 – Censorship in China
01:03:00 – Life in Taiwan
01:07:40 – Cultural conflicts between China and Taiwan
01:15:25 – Bar fights
01:29:50 – Internet trolls & scammers

Mentioned links & books
Dude getting beat up with Taiwanese face tattoos news story
Nigerian scammer baiter
Prank the monkey book

Mentioned video clips

Recording details
Recorded on Sep 13, 2018; on a nice summer day in the backyard in Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands.

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