Podcast #16 – The nuclear podcast, from plasma to fusion

Guido Lange is a nuclear physicist. His fields of expertise are nuclear fusion and plasma.

This interview dives into plasma, nuclear fission, nuclear meltdowns, nuclear bombs, and the future for nuclear fusion power plants.

The Polarizer Podcast #016: The nuclear podcast, from plasma to fusion

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The show

00:03:11 – Nuclear fusion
00:12:30 – Plasma
00:18:00 – A very expensive water-cooker
00:26:30 – Difference between fusion and fission
00:38:20 – Atoms don’t care about your feelings
00:43:22 – Nuclear waste & meltdowns
00:50:00 – No unlimited energy source
00:55:25 – 10 times hotter than the core of the sun
01:00:35 – The ITER project and the future
01:08:06 – The next 50 years
01:12:55 – Different ways
01:20:23 – Nuclear waste & disasters
01:30:23 – Nuclear submarines rusting on the bottom of the ocean (link to story)
01:32:55 – The magnitude of it all
01:38:38 – Interesting times

Notes & links
Fusion: Expensive and Taking Forever?
Guido Lange: Lopes Cardozo, N.J., Lange, A.G.G. & Kramer, G.J. J Fusion Energ (2016) 35: 94.

Guido Lange’s website

Recording details
Recorded on May 25, 2018; in the backyard in Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands.

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