Podcast #12 – Life in the Dutch Marine Force

Kai Versnel has been in the Dutch Marine Force for many years. He talks about what daily life is like, as well as survival training in harsh winter and jungle conditions. He has trained with the Royal British Marines, and the French Legion.

The Polarizer Podcast 012: Kai Versnel - Life in the Dutch Marine Force

The show

00:02:50 – Joining the marines
00:04:20 – A day in the life
00:10:10 – Winter survival training
00:16:40 – Strange animals
00:23:20 – Training with the Royal British Marines
00:30:55 – Being stationed in the Caribbean
00:47:20 – Jungle survival training with the French Legion
01:08:00 – Dangerous wildlife
01:16:20 – Future military career

Notes & links
Dude fighting a kangaroo

Recording details
Recorded on Oct 17, 2017; in a friend’s living room in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (thanks again, Guido).

Recorded on the big setup.

Cover photo by Cpl. Justin Updegraff