Podcast #1 – Working as a diving instructor in Thailand

A young New Zealand Army veteran decides to quit the military to travel the world and live as a diving instructor in Thailand for a while.

About this episode
Warning: audio quality isn’t great. I learned a lot about what not to do after this first one.

This very first show is gonna be a sit-down with a very dear friend of mine from New Zealand.

His name is Dan, and he’s a young veteran from the New Zealand Army. He’s been deployed to places like Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea.

After spending several years in the military, he decided to get out and go to South East Asia. He roamed around there for over a year with just a backpack. In this interview, he talks about life as a diving instructor, and he also has some wild stories like being chased by gangsters in Thailand, and going on a motorcycle road-trip through Vietnam.

This being the first episode, it’s not perfect. There’s background noise and some RF noise from one of our phones in the recording, and I’m a awkward and messy at times in moving the show along. This whole thing is a learning process for me, so stick with it, it will get better with each episode, I promise.

I really enjoyed talking to my good friend. It turned out to an interesting conversation, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

The show

00:03:10 – Dan’s reason of traveling
00:13:45 – Bangkok
00:15:55 – A rough start
00:19:03 – The general vibe of Bangkok
00:24:55 – Kohtao
00:29:38 – Traveling around South East Asia
00:32:49 – Beer #2
00:33:00 – Cambodia
00:34:33 – Vietnam scooter gang
00:40:25 – Magnetic Island, Australia
00:44:40 – Wild times in Thailand
00:48:07 – A run-in with indonesian gangsters
00:53:35 – Travel gear
00:55:55 – Hunting
00:59:22 – Gaming laptop
01:02:00 – Backpacks & diving
01:08:54 – Dan’s tip for people who want to travel
01:10:23 – Beer #3 & the end

Recording details
Recorded on September 19, 2016; in the garden of the Amaroo apartments on Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia.

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