Eye-laser surgery diary (Trans-PRK method)

5. Recovery process, week 3

Every day seems to be a little better than the previous one. My vision still fluctuates a little bit, but it seems to stabilize more and more. My eyes are still a little dry, but this improves steadily, as well. I need to finish the anti-bacterial drops until the bottle is empty, and only drop with the tear-drops when it feels necessary. My eyes also don’t feel that dry anymore when I wake up in the morning.

At night, there’s a little haloing around bright light sources, but this seems to be getting less and less every day. My vision in the dark is as good as it always was, and the same goes for seeing things up-close. This is one of the advantages of the Trans-PRK method, as other methods tend to lower these qualities.

6. Recovery process, week 4

It feels like my vision is perfect when I use both eyes. The amount of sharpness and clarity is still a little bit overwhelming, especially when I walk through the city and look at things that have a lot of detail. I seem to be getting more used to it, though, as my head doesn’t feel as tired anymore at the end of each day.

My left eye feels absolutely perfect and better than it has ever been in my entire life. The amount of sharpness it gives me is unbelievable. It truly feels like the “resolution” of my eye is the limiting factor of how much I can see, as the shape of the lens is, as far as I can tell, perfect.

My right eye is very good, but it’s not perfect yet. If I close my left eye and use my right eye only, I can see well enough to function, but it’s not as “tack-sharp” as the left one. That said, I can read things from pretty afar and it’s better than it’s ever been. I gave the eye clinic a call and they told me that it can take several months for my vision to “settle”, and that the current results are exactly what should be expected.

I still use the tear-drops, but only when I need to, which is less and less. I watched an entire two and a half hour movie this week without having to take drops (this one, check it out, it’s really good). This is also a good sign, as it means the nerves that tell my brain my eyes are dry are recovering.

As time goes on, I’m happier every day with the results.

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