#32 – Kyle Meyr – Photography & Porsches

#29 – B. Jeffrey Madoff – Creative Careers

B. Jeffrey Madoff is the author of the book “Creative Careers” and the founder and CEO of award-winning video production company Madoff Productions. He is also a director, photographer, writer, and professor in New York City. 

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#28 – Backpacking Thailand and Bali

This podcast is about two dudes on a backpacking adventure in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia.

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#27 – Escaping Fidel Castro

#26 – Zuby

Zuby is a rapper, podcast host, fitness coach, Oxford graduate, free thinker, and online entrepreneur.

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#24 – Kyle Meyr: Professional adventure photographer

Kyle Meyr is a professional photographer and a Sony Ambassador from Norway.

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